mother on beach with a baby bump maternity photo session

Layers and styling

Your expression through clothing becomes the perfect ensemble to help set the tone of choice for your photoshoot.

Effortlessly timeless choices ensure your images stand the test of time. Images that avoid trends allow the focus to be on you

My golden tips? Texture, movement, layers, complementary colours and patterns.

Incorporating texture through chunky knits, linen, fur vests and leather will help create depth and interest in your photos. Selecting clothes like flowy skirts and dresses in lightweight fabrics will allow for movement in the photo bringing your memory to life. Natural tones (off white, mustard, beige, grey, rust, forest green, earthy pink, maroon) work best for each shoot regardless of lighting and setting. Staying away from black and extremely bright colours are best. These bold hues often take away from the photo’s organic production.

Patterns are beautiful if carefully considered. For a family and group shoot, be sure to only have one person in a print so the photo doesn’t become a silent fight between conflicting patterns. The key is to be you, don’t let what you wear become a distraction from the essence of who you are.